Intermanager foresees »game-changer« in 2017

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Ten weeks after his election, Intermanager[ds_preview]‘s new president Bjorn Jebsen forecasts a year of cooperation and sustainability in the ship management market.

»As I think about what is to come one word is vivid: sustainability. Next year will play host to a number of game-changing, future-proofing initiatives. For example, the publishing of results from the three-year-long programme Project MARTHA, which we hope the industry will utilise in address fatigue«, Jebsen said in a statement.

The CEO of the shipping company Jebsen was elected at the recent annual general meeting of the association and succeeds Gerardo Borromeo from Philippine Transmarine Carriers, who stepped down after four years at the helm.

For Jebsen, one important aspect to come is a higher degree of cooperation. »Let 2017 be the year where we come together for the common purpose. By working together and combining our individual expertise we can make next year progressive and innovative«, he said.

There would be »no shying away« from the fact that 2016 has been a difficult year for Intermanger‘s industry. The frighteningly low freight markets domino effect on the whole industry has tested even the most seasoned of maritime professionals.

The business with ship owners became more difficult, Jebsen said, acknowledging Intermanager‘s General Manager Kuba Szymanski, who claimed a fierce market and missing trust already in November when speaking to HANSA. »As owners began to tighten their belts, managers were being squeezed even tighter they had to make decisions based purely on cash flows rather than investment potential. The overall effect being on the quality of service managers can offer not only owners but also seafarers«, Jebsen specified now.