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The Damen Group has received type approval by the IMO for its external ballast water treatment system InvaSave.

As an external ballast water treatment unit designed primarily for use in ports and harbours, the Damen InvaSave treats ballast water to the IMO D-2 standard, for balla[ds_preview]st water received from inbound ships. It can also deliver water treated to the same standard to outbound vessels. Its mobile, containerised format means that it can be operated from the dockside or from onboard a vessel alongside, receiving or delivering water to a ship Damen stated.

Mechanical filtration and ultraviolet radiation

InvaSave is a single-pass system that uses mechanical filtration and ultraviolet radiation to remove and eradicate invasive organisms. According to Damen it has been tested in fresh, brackish and marine water, including coastal water with a high sediment load. The system is designed to be able to treat water with a low turbidity and a UV Transmission of down to 20 %. Furthermore it has shown consistently that it can outperform the IMO D-2 standard for organisms

According to the manufacturer InvaSave produces no filter backwash and requires no holding time to achieve biological efficacy Damen informs.
Land-based tests were conducted as if the InvaSave was a regular in-line treatment system and, in addition, the water was tested directly after treatment to verify that the system achieves D-2 compliance in its capacity as an external treatment unit. The product has demonstrated that it can treat ‘raw’ ballast water from ships without any pre-treatment or settling time in the ballast tank Damen said. The latter was a requirement of the authorities prior to approval as an IMO-certified contingency measure in a port.

No more discharging of unmanaged ballast water after 8th September

According own information Damen has developed InvaSave because after the 8th of September this year, unmanaged ballast water cannot be discharged. Any vessel that cannot take in or discharge its ballast water after that date will be restricted in its operations and there may be financial implications due to demurrage costs. The Damen InvaSave is, therefore, a valuable asset to all ports seeking to minimise vessel delays caused by the need to treat unmanaged ballast water, allowing them to offer a robust, IMO-certified contingency service.