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Columbia Shipmanagement: 40 Years of service excellence

Columbia Shipmanagement has earned its reputation for being a world-class shipmanagement company by putting the needs of its clients first, with a promise that the services we provide will be both relevant and compelling to the market.

Today, we are one of the largest independent ship management companies worldwide – our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation as a quality ship management. From our extensive network of offices, we manage vessels of all types and sizes, including container vessels, bulk carriers, MPP vessels, cruise ships, super yachts and tankers.

Our tailor-made services range from technical, crew and commercial management, to new building supervision, consulting and cruise vessel services. These services include procurement, flag and administration, insurance and claims, NavCom support, bunker procurement, crew training, performance optimisation through our Performance Optimisation Control Room and green recycling.

Keeping operational costs under control is a crucial element of our service delivery, which is why in 2017 we created GP General Procurement Company Limited. GenPro will negotiate framework supply agreements with international ship suppliers with a view to securing lowest prices achievable on all ship-related supplies. GenPro guarantees complete transparency by independent auditors.

Source: CSM

Columbia believes today’s quality managers need to deliver efficacies and efficiencies in the range of services they provide. The driving force behind this delivery, is optimisation and the need to do more for less, and better than ever before.

Technology is at the very heart of the drive for optimisation and its impact cannot be underestimated. Digitalisation and the Internet of Things are some of the means to the optimisation end, and our willingness and ability to embrace digitalisation and optimisation is nothing short of existential. As a world-class ship manager, our mantra is to lead this charge so our clients can compete effectively and optimise their returns.

We are committed to providing our clients, big or small, with the tailored services they require, at the right price and in a safe, transparent and efficient manner. We want to partner our clients’ businesses as their valued service provider.

As we approach our 40th Anniversary, we can look back with pride on the job we have done but also look forward enthusiastically to the future and to the opportunities that lie ahead. A future that will focus on the need to remain relevant and compelling. And our strategy for this is very clear: it is all about being sensitive to changes in the market, and to new clients emerging, with different demands, expectations, digital structures and needs. New sectors are demanding new skill sets, technologies and understandings and we will be there at the vanguard.



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