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Marinoni and Consorzio Servizi Navali Industriali are developing cutting-edge solutions to increase comfort on board ships

Consorzio Servizi Navali Industriali (CSNI Scarl) and Marinoni, a company that specialises in flooring and fire prevention systems, have developed research and development projects in the field of maritime technology, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Through collaboration with companies and research bodies operating in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, they have created cutting-edge solutions that aim to improve the design of ships in order to increase their level of comfort.

Marinoni has worked on two projects, the first with the aim of reducing the footfall noise that can pass through the deck structure into the cabins below, and the second aimed at developing new modular self-supporting housing solutions that will allow for a systematic reduction of the height between decks.

SIPAN ([It. SIstema integrato di isolazione vibro-acustica per PAvimentazioni Navali) is an innovative integrated vibro-acoustic isolation system for ship flooring, to be used on ships with a high level of comfort, which introduces new insulating elements between the floor and the load-bearing structure of the deck. Thanks to this project, the shipbuilding and nautical industry will be able to provide high levels of well-being in cabins now considered to be of low habitability, since it allows shipowners to use space more advantageously, to the benefit of those on board the ship, and a greater economic return.

The modular solutions developed by MAESTRI (It. Macro-moduli Abitativi E STRutture Integrate per navi di crociera), have been designed to be attached to an innovative ship structure, which will allow the systematic reduction of the space between decks, thus allowing for addition of one cabin deck (about 250 cabins, or 500 beds) for the same ship volume.

Along these lines, the project will identify and develop design and construction innovations to be applied to future ships after an engineering/economic feasibility analysis. The approach suggested by MAESTRI in fact not only makes it possible to reduce the weight of the structure and the overall volume of installations, but also to reduce construction and refitting times and costs, through prefabrication mainly focused on the design of the »hotel part« of the ship (the cabins and public areas).

The project’s final objective is a platform for the cruise ships of the future, with macro housing modules that are not attached to the load-bearing structure. As an economic solution, this will allow shipowners to make the most of this system’s advantages, which can be translated into higher sales prices and more efficient uses of shipyards’ production infrastructure.

The increase in comfort on board ships was also the starting point of the PAN project developed by Consorzio Servizi Navali Industriali. An acronym that refers to vibration-damping support for ship structures, PAN aims to reduce the vibrations that propagate to the accommodation decks through the hundreds of supports in the structure of the ship itself. It provides a solution through the design of an acoustical vibration dampening system that can be inserted at the base of the support, and will thus dampen vibrations, cutting their flow both through isolation and dampening. The project’s challenging objective is to industrialise the system, identifying a configuration that can fulfil shipbuilding requirements whilst achieving maximum efficiency from the point of view of dampening the widest spectrum of vibro-acoustic frequencies.

The SIPAN and PAN projects were presented as successful examples of good regional practices at the conference »Dialogue on cohesion policy«, organized on March 19, 2018 in Udine by AICCRE – the Italian Association for the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, at the invitation of the European Commission.

Considering that »comfort« is increasingly the primary decision-making factor for shipowners evaluating a ship’s design and the shipyard that is building it, Marinoni is focusing its research on a new range of self-levelling, variable-density subfloors, called »Corlatex Comfort«, with the aim of reducing the transmission of both airborne and footfall noise.



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