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Start Schlagworte Drewry

Schlagwort: Drewry

Asia-US-rates expected to fall next week

Spot rates on the Asia-Europe trade have lost initial...

Rates strengthen on Asia-Europe and Transpacific routes

As spot rates on the Asia-Europe and Asia-US trades...

Intra-Asia riding high

Container traffic within Asia is flying according to trade...

Asia-Europe spot rates continue to tumble

After a 13 % jump the World Container Index...

Two more years of LPG overcapacity

Freight rates in the LPG shipping market will remain...

Scrapping determines pace of recovery for tankers

In light of weak trade growth and a bloated...

Different trends in chemical fleet expected

By 2018 the chemical and vegoil carrying fleet will...

World Container Index up by 13%

Positive indication at the global container shipping market: The World...

Dry bulk market forecast to grow steadily

The outlook for dry bulk shipping remains positive given...

World Container Index down by 1.6 %

The World Container Index assessed by Drewry, a composite...

Fleet growth weighs on LNG freight rates

On account of strong fleet growth, analysts maintain a...

Spot rates up 10% from Europe to Asia

The World Container Index assessed by Drewry, a composite...

Shippers complain about dropping quality of liner services

Despite huge efforts to enhance reliability, container shipping lines...

Multipurpose market sees light at the end of the tunnel

After the worst year for multipurpose shipping in over...

Freight rates soften on major routes

Container freight rates on eight major routes between the...

Spot rates from North Europe to Asia up 45 %

Spot container freight rates from North Europe to China...

Liner alliances make Illogical port choices

The choice of port call is often not in...

Oversupply weighs on LPG shipping rates

On the back of strong Asian demand LPG shipping...

Improving demand to ease dry bulk oversupply

With contraction in vessel supply and healthy demand growth,...

Chemical fleet faces further overcapacity

The chemical shipping market currently undergoes several consolidation steps....

Newbuildings burden LNG shipping market

Despite a good start in the year, maritime consultancy Drewry...

BCOs open up to benchmarking

As the shipping market changes, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs)...

Spot box rates above 5-year average

Spot container freight rates on the major East-West routes...

MPP freight rates up by end 2017

The multipurpose shipping market (MPP) will see the first...

East-West contract rates increase

Ocean freight rates for cargo moving under contracts on...

OPEX to rise in 2017

Operating expenses (OPEX) are a key element in the...

Shipping lines to put terminal investments at risk

Container shipping lines are in danger of putting future...

Fleet growth to put pressure on VLGC

High scheduled deliveries and low demolition prospects will drive...

Recovery for bulkers?

The global bulker market may see a reduction of...

Narrow outlook for chemical tankers

The chemical tanker market is supposed to see depressed...



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