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»Skills, scale, strategy – thinking beyond the asset«

10. November | 11:00 – 19:00 | Grand Elysée Hamburg


Please note: Subject to alterations

10:00 Registration and morning coffee

11:00 Welcoming speech
Krischan Förster, Editor in chief »HANSA International Maritime Journal«, co-host

11:05 Introduction and preview
Michael Hollmann, Shipping journalist, co-host

11:15 Market Analysis
James Frew, Director of Consultancy, Maritime Strategies International (MSI)
»The new scale in liner shipping – new strategies beyond old patterns«

11:35 Keynote I
Jan Dieleman, Head of Cargill Ocean Transportation
»Perfect storm in dry bulk shipping: Implications of the freight and asset slump for a global operator«

11:55 Keynote II
Nicolás Burr, CFO, Hapag-Lloyd AG
»IPO, alliance reshuffle, merger – what next?«

12:15 Panel I – Markets and strategies
Beyond the asset – building resilience throughout the cycle

Ships – old and new – have to be operated in an environment of sharp freight rates and pressured asset values perhaps for a couple more years. Opportunities for asset play re- main limited and the focus must be more than ever on creative operating and marketing concepts as well as tight cost management. Leading market players share their thoughts on how their businesses are forced to refocus and readjust to assert themselves in the market place.

Expert panel

  • Ralf Bedranowsky, CEO & Chairman of the Board, DVB Bank (Frankfurt)
  • Ignace Van Meenen, CEO, Rickmers Holding (Hamburg)
  • Jens von Husen, MD, Hamburg Bulk Carriers (Hamburg)
  • John Freydag, MD, Hanseatic Unity Chartering (Hamburg)

13:00 Lunch | Networking Break

14:00 Panel 2 – Ship management & chartering
Skills, scale, strategy – turning ideas into good practice

Call it new normal or call it »crisis«: The continuing slump in shipping demands radical new thinking from technical and commercial managers and operators. Rates and values in most sectors are staying miles away from what would be considered »healthy«. What are the best strategies in ship management today as managers need to respond to calls for maximum efficiency amidst depressed vessel earnings? Let us take stock of some of the promising new approaches taken by world-leading managers and owners who are teaming up in earnings pools. What are the next frontiers in the race for synergies and savings?

14:00 Clive Richardson, CEO V.Ships (London)
»The best strategy for ship management – how to raise performance and earnings«

14:20 Martin Harren, Managing Director, Harren & Partner (Bremen)
Frank Dreyer, Managing Director Briese Schiffahrt (Leer)
Teaming up in a pool – how Briese and Harren outrival their MPP competitors

14:40 Axel Steffen, Managing Director, Vogemann Group (Hamburg)
Supramax and handy bulk pools today and tomorrow

15:00 Yntze Buitenwerf, Seatrade Reefer Chartering (Antwerpen)
Seatrade’s way forward: the case for container ships in pure reefer trades

15:20 Coffee | Networking break

16:15 Panel 3 – Shipping and capital markets
Leave it or fix it – from asset play to corporate financing

The crash in most market segments except tankers has made shipping a dark horse for investors again. There is always money on the hunt but finding capital providers with a long-term strategic perspective these days is extremely tough. Opportunities on Wall Street and in Oslo have largely evaporated although investor appetite in these mature markets should rebound at some point. Faced with increased pressure by regulatory authorities shipping banks are forced to get rid of distressed ships or even entire fleet portfolios, at the risk of bloating oversupply in the second-hand market. What are trends and forecasts for investments and deal-making activities across all segments as we head into another stormy year.

16:15 Janos F. Koenig, CFO Eurofin Group (London)
Distressed debt restructuring – what will be left after the big cleanup?

16:35 Torsten Temp, Member of the Managing Board, HSH Nordbank (Hamburg)
Shake up in shipping banking: From core business to peripheral business?

17:05 Jørgen Heszlein, Head of Shipping, Arctic Securities Corporate Finance (Oslo)
Public equity & shipping: once burnt, twice shy? When will deals start flowing again?

17:25 Chris Randall, Partner | Shipping Expert, Norton Rose Fulbright (London)
Mergers, acquisitions, new corporate solutions?

17:45 Angelica Kemene, Research Executive, Optima Shipbrokers (Athens)
Investing in ships – what’s wanted, what’s on offer?

18:05 Discussion

18:25 Closing remarks

19:00 Evening buffet and networking

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