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The fleet of multi purpose and project cargo vessels currently comprises 1,712 ships. The biggest share by fleet size is[ds_preview] MPP vessels with 1,057 ships, followed by the Heavy Lift types at 632 units. Vessels Value lists Super Heavy Lift with 22 ships and one vessel in the Oil / Gantry segment.

The Heavy Lift segment is on top when it comes to fleet value (5.148 bn $), followed by MPP (3.41 bn $), Ssuper Heavy Lift ships worth 201mill. $ and ships of the Oil / Gantry type at 5mill. $.

The top three MPP owner countries are Germany with 361 ships with a combined value of 2.09 bn $, China with 194 ships worth 1.77 bn $ and the Netherlands controlling 167 vessels worth 1.07 bn $. The top 10 list is then continued by Singapore (74 ships), Japan (59 ships), Cyprus (54), Turkey (78), Norway (38), Russia (85 ships but worth less than the Norwegian fleet) and the USA (23 ships).

After quite some activity in the market during 2018, MPP sales and purchases have slowed since the beginning of 2019 (while January 2019 marked a high in terms of number of vessels). Activity is still steady but on a lower level with less pronounced peaks in value and number of vessels traded.