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As a part of its long-term commitment to global decarbonization and green shipping, the Chinese CIMC group plans to build and finance a series of container feeder vessels powered by methanol. The design for an intake of 2,900 TEU is to set new standards in its segment[ds_preview]

The nominal intake of this ship will be about 2,900 TEU, with the main dimensions of 194.5 m in length and 32.2 m in width. This ship will be equipped with a methanol main engine and gensets, taking the new fuel design to the next level.

The CV design is ideal for both intra-regional and inter-regional trades. After two years of development and design, adopting the wide hull and large opening design, the ship has met the following main design goals:

  • lowest fuel consumption due to best hydrodynamic performance in this ship segment
  • 44 % below the reference line of EEDI phase III
  • 1,950 TEU homogeneous boxes (14t / TEU) and 450 reefer boxes can be loaded
  • As shown in the figure, the complete methanol-fuelled power system includes:
  • a methanol main engine (8G 50 ME-C9.6-LGIM-EGRBP Tier III) with SMCR at 13,000 kW,
  • methanol gensets with 5,500 kWe power and 1set x 1,300 kWe shaft generator
  • methanol LFSS system

The design is incorporating the operational knowledge and experiences of charterers and owners after almost two years of operation of CIMC CV 2300 TEU.

Grafik CIMC
The diagram shows the on-board configuration of the methanol fuel system © CIMC

The future of shipping is full of challenges, the issues such as high green fuel cost and limited green fuel supply need to be solved. CIMC is offering a comprehensive solution by providing the best fuel efficient ship as well as the methanol supply capability of the CIMC group. A first MOU had been signed between CIMC ENRIC, a subsidiary company of CIMC, and Maersk on 8 March 2022.

A newbuilding LOI for four 2,900-TEU vessels has been signed on 1 November with Changhong International Shipyard, in which CIMC has 30 % of the shares. The delivery of these vessels is scheduled in Q2 2025. The ship is designed and developed by CIMC ORIC, which is owned 100 % by the group.

The investment and financing is handled by CIMC XINDE Leasing, which is also owned 100 % by CIMC. The assets will be registered in Germany and operated by Gerchicon, a ship asset company founded some years ago by CIMC in Europe. The green methanol will be supplied by CIMC ENRIC.

All these CIMC entities will closely cooperate with each other and work together with the shipping industry to deliver a one-stop solution which comprises the whole value chain from the design to the financing, manufacturing and the after-sales-service. Major liner companies are adressed as potential customers. CIMC will offer a leasing model to them. RD