Gdansk expects redoubled cruise calls

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The polish port of Gdansk is looking very optimistically to the cruise season. A record number of vessel calls is expected.

Shortly after reports about record numbers for the European (and German) market, the Gdansk Port Authority (PGA) releases an outlook of the coming cruise season to be »special«. PGA expects that in 2017 67 passenger ships will call at the port, which is more than twice as many as last year. The number of maritime tourists may reach over 30,000.

»The size of the passenger vessels will be equally record-breaking. Their average gross tonnage will exceed 24,800 GT, and their average length will increase to 170 m«, the PGA said in the statement. The previous record was broken in 2009. At the time, the Port of Gdansk welcomed 40 cruise ships, carrying nearly 17,000 passengers on board.

Most of the scheduled cruise liners have already called at Gdansk‘s port before. Vessels visiting for the first time this year include »AIDAcara«, which will call twice (on 16 and 30 June), »Thomson Celebration«, expected on 19 July at the Westerplatte Quay, and »National Geographic Orion«, scheduled for 12 April and 13 May.

»Vessels of the Viking Cruises company are particularly awaited«, it was added. They will visit the Port of Gdansk as many as 22 times this year. The sister cruise ships – »Viking Star«, »Viking Sky« and »Viking Sea« – will be the largest vessels to moor at Gdansk‘s quays this year. Each of them is over 227 metres long and can carry 930 passengers.

The passenger ships calling at Gdansk were usually vessels cruising in the Baltic Sea, alternatively along the northern coasts of Europe. Now, Viking Cruises has decided to include Gdansk in the route of its longest, 50-day cruise, which will lead through countries such as Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

The 2017 travel season at the port begins on 21 April and ends on 29 December, when the visit of the »Saga Sapphire« is expected.